Venture Academy – My Observations

If you didn’t read my previous post on Venture Academy, this is an expansion on what I have learned and observed, which I will start off with the prior quote. When most of us think of entrepreneurs, we think of garages, basements, duct-taped chairs and folding tables. We think of entrepreneurs as the quintessential underdogs, [...]

Venture Academy - Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs

It has been a very long time since I have posted anything on my personal blog. All of my attention has gone to QONQR over the past year. However this topic is one that is a great reason to revitalize this platform and spread the word of something I’m passionate about. I am writing today [...]

Be a Maker

I spent the past two mornings shingling the roof of my in-laws’ new 2 ½ car garage.  This morning, I spent three hours on the roof alone while they were at church and they returned to find I had one side half done.  My father-in-law is retired, but completely capable.  He called me the day [...]

QONQR, Silverlight, and Bing Maps

Anyone who knows much about me knows that about year ago I participated on a team during Startup Weekend in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Our team won the weekend competition by creating a company in 48 hours. Our company and our product is QONQR, the geosocial game of world domination. You can visit the [...]

Disclaimer: In the past few years, I have met many aspiring entrepreneurs, spoken at several conferences on the topic of building a tech startup, and have had the pleasure of mentoring a bright young woman, Sarah Young, in her journey of starting Rock Your Block.  As with many people who do such things, I’ve offered [...]

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