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QONQR's success has made me a target for all sorts of junk mail and solicitations asking for "just 5 minutes" to sell me this or that. As a result I no longer publish my email. Clever people will still find me. You'll find some tips at the bottom.

I enjoy talking to fellow entrepreneurs and tech professionals. Do you have something we should discuss? Let's chat. On the off chance you think I can help you with some advice or brainstorming, reach out and let's see what we can setup.

"Ideas are worth nothing." Entrepreneurs and investors say this all the time. I agree. Because ideas are worth nothing, advice should also be free. I don't charge those who want my advice. I also speak at conferences and events for free, as long as it fits my schedule. If you aren't a reasonable drive from Minneapolis, you may need to pay my travel expenses if a flight and/or hotel are required.


This is probably the best. Shoot me a tweet @ScottkDavis. We can connect on a DM and exchange contact info.


If you email QONQR support looking for me, you might find me, but my staff may also just delete the email as a solicitation.


Sorry, no. For me, Facebook is generally for family and very close friends. If you aren't one of those I probably won't accept your friend request.


If we have met in person and had more than just a passing greeting, Yes, let's connect on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is my actual business network. If I don't know you, you aren't part of my network. I only Link-In with people who I could actually make a business introduction. Also, fair warning, I usually only check LinkedIn messages once every 1-2 months. LinkedIn is also full of spam these days.

If we are connected on LinkedIn, please endorse my "Chainsaw" skill.